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Welcome to RoboTech, the home of Ireland's largest distributor of Robotic Lawn Mowers and Domestic Robotics, including automated floor vacuum cleaners and sweepers. We offer the largest variety of models throughout Ireland and the UK. You can discover what the world of domestic robotics can do for you and how having a robot work for you can change & improve your life.

Domestic robots are designed in order to make your life easier and do all of the work for you, giving you more free time to get on with life and enjoy your free time. At RoboTech we are proud to offer an inventory of robotic solutions that consists of the top brands within the industry such as iRobot, Ambrogio and RoboMop thus making RoboTech your No.1 Source for Domestic Robots. Please enter our site and discover the wonders that these robots can do for you and your household and unfold the world of Robots that is RoboTech


5 Models with 20 variations to suit all garden sizes from town house to Country Mansion.

The largest range in the World.

Small, compact, safe, reliable & inexpensive to run. Manual and Auto models available.


It dustmops your floors so you don't have to! Cleans under furniture. Smart navigation technology. Select cleaning time. Simply attach an electrostatic pad, place the ball in the sweeper and watch RoboMop automatically sweep your floors for you.

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RRSP €39.95


In order to keep your Robot working just as hard for you, every now and then just as humans do, they will require a small rest to recuperate their energy and will require a service

please contact us to arrange a survey of your robot and a technician will contact you.