RoboTech Ireland


We offer a comprehensive service facility, either on site at your home or by return to our workshop. We also offer 2 Years manufacturers warranty on all new Ambrogio Robotic mowers supplied by us. Spare parts can be easily purchased from us and delivered to you. We are available to offer support, advice and assistance if required throughout the whole year. Nationwide, Sales, Service and Installation service available.


if you feel its time to get your Robot back into tip top shape look no further than RoboTech


If you have a problem with your robot or perhaps your robots not behaving as you would like it to, please contact us and fill in your details and explain exactly what model you have and what is wrong and we will contact you as soon as possible.


If your Robot has been working hard and is now in need of some TLC please fill in your details at this link and we will contact you to arrange a technician to collect your Robot or depending on your Robots condition maybe this can be done on-site.


If you are in search of Accessories for your Robot or perhaps spare parts please contact us here